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Time to Pivot!

In the world of real estate investment, timing and strategy are everything. And as we navigate 2023, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a significant shift in strategy could be beneficial. If you’re an investor with multifamily properties in your portfolio, now might be the perfect time to consider a move towards the burgeoning realm of industrial real estate.

Click the button below to go and download our paper: “9 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Multifamily Properties & Buy Industrial Before 2023 Ends

9 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Multifamily Properties & Buy Industrial Before 2023 Ends

A few things we’re great at


Finding Great Deals

As a vertically integrated organization, we have in-house brokers and we have very strong connections in the industry allowing us early access to many great deals

We monitor all Industrial, Multifamily and Retail transaction in the DFW Metroplex.

Looking to buy an asset on your own without partners? Our brokers can help you get started building your legacy wealth!


Creating Strong

Our investors know that we care for their money as if it was our own. In fact, we always invest in our own deals alongside our investors!

JV Partnerships, GP/LP structures, Syndications, Debt partners, etc. We can work with you to set up the structure that works for everyone. 


Asset Management

Need boots on the ground in Texas? let us know what you need and if it’s within our expertise and service area, we’ll be happy to help!

Property repositioning, rehab projects, on-site audits, back office audits, books audits, systems  & processes implementation and more!

Information is power!

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Joseph Gozlan, Principal

Joseph Gozlan


Active investor since 2005 and a license real estate professional since 2009. 

Renny Lee | Eureka Business Group

Renny Lee

Executive Assistant

Renny joined the EBG organization in 2020 and have been a valued member of our team ever since!

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